Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Study Group, 1/20/16

Today we started with the Foot-Sweep-to-Control drill, several times back and forth across the floor. Then our "nine-uchikomi-throw-on-the-tenth" exercise, for all yellow belt throws, as well as seoinage and koshiguruma (orange belt throws). We actually did two rounds for the yellow belt throws, so it we basically each did the following amount of reps:

Deashi: x20
Kosoto: x20
Osoto: x20
Hiza: x20
Seoinage: x10
Koshiguruma: x10

I still feel like kosotogari is the throw that's feeling the least natural to me. I can't put my finger on exactly why yet, and I am getting the throw okay pretty consistently, it just feels a little wonky to me. I'm going to surf YouTube for some things to try next time.

We also worked on transitioning from each throw to groundwork, so we got some good short rounds of ground randori too. That helped tori throw into a controlling position, and helped uke work on defending himself even after the "chaos" of getting thrown.

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