Thursday, February 11, 2016

Judo Study Group, 2/11/16

Sorry in advance for the short update today; super busy!  We reviewed all yellow belt throws again, and went over all orange belt throws. I tried a few reps or okuriashibarai, but I'm gonna need a lot more practice with that one!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Judo Study Group, 2/10/16

We went through all yellow belt throws today, as well as ippon seoinage and sasae tsurikomi ashi.  Everything felt really good. We practiced kosotogari from a failed deashi, the way Pat originally taught it to me, and I think I have better success with it that way.

We ended the class with light, standing randori. It was fun, and I got a very slick kibisu geashi. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Judo Study Group, 2/1/16

Today we went through all yellow belt throws, sasae tsurikomi ashi, seoinage, koshiguruma, ogoshi, and ukigoshi.

Polished it off with light standing-to-ground randori.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Study Group, 1/28/16

We got LOTS of reps of the yellow belt throws (osoto, deashi, kosoto, and hiza). Then we worked on sasae tsurikomi ashi for a good while. This is one I have limited experience with, but I felt like it was going ok! We ended with 10 reps each of ippon seoinage.

Nothing but live rolling today. Oh, I also showed Mitch how to do an arm triangle choke.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Judo Study Group & BJJ, Jan 25-26, 2016

Judo, 1-25-16

We reviewed our yellow belt throws, then worked mainly on ukigoshi (still a little sloppy for me) and koshiguruma (we're getting pretty good at that one).

BJJ, 1-26-16

We drilled a few options from closed guard (bottom), including pendulum sweep, hip bump sweep, and kimura. I had a few rounds of live rolling, all of which started from standing. I felt like my judo was going my way today! I got a kouchi gari against another white belt, a drop knee seoi counter, tani otoshi, sumi gaeshi, and I countered a tai otoshi with a tai otoshi of my own against a blue belt, and an osoto gaeshi against a brown belt. Lots of throwing folks around today!  I had some good transitions, good pressure, and a successful americana against the blue belt. Fun rolls!

Friday, January 22, 2016

BJJ, 1/21/16

We drilled some guard passing motions, while dealing with a couple defenses bottom guy might resort to when you're passing. Then we drilled a few arm drag techniques from bottom, while our partner was in our guard. The first one was a really tight arm bar, then an Americana, then a sort of pendulum sweep. All very slick.

I did 4 rounds of live rolling, and did about as well as I normally do, nothing much to note.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Study Group, 1/20/16

Today we started with the Foot-Sweep-to-Control drill, several times back and forth across the floor. Then our "nine-uchikomi-throw-on-the-tenth" exercise, for all yellow belt throws, as well as seoinage and koshiguruma (orange belt throws). We actually did two rounds for the yellow belt throws, so it we basically each did the following amount of reps:

Deashi: x20
Kosoto: x20
Osoto: x20
Hiza: x20
Seoinage: x10
Koshiguruma: x10

I still feel like kosotogari is the throw that's feeling the least natural to me. I can't put my finger on exactly why yet, and I am getting the throw okay pretty consistently, it just feels a little wonky to me. I'm going to surf YouTube for some things to try next time.

We also worked on transitioning from each throw to groundwork, so we got some good short rounds of ground randori too. That helped tori throw into a controlling position, and helped uke work on defending himself even after the "chaos" of getting thrown.

Study Group, 1/19/16

I've been too busy to post yesterday's training are the highlights: we went through 2 sets of uchikomi for each yellow belt throw, then played light randori with only those throws. We also did a brief intro to koshiguruma (an orange belt throw). I feel like we both did well with it.

I worked a lot on the excellent arm bar drill from the video below, and we worked on the basic D'Arce choke from side control, too. A little live rolling to finish up our time. Fun!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Study Group, 1/18/16

I worked with Mitch again today. We went through 2 sets of 10 uchikomi's (throwing on the 10th) each for each of the yellow belt throws (deashi, kosoto, osoto, and hiza). I feel like were both throwing them all very well today. Mitch shows a lot of improvement. Of those 4 throws, I think the one we both need the most work on is kosotogari. We also got a few reps each of ippon seoinage and seoi otoshi, and we were both feeling good about those.  Lastly we played with countering deashi with tsubami gaeshi, and countering seoi otoshi with the first method in the video below. It works really well and it's super easy!

We drilled a leg separation guard pass several times each, and then rolled a lot. I practiced a pretty cool arm attack series from my new Erik Paulson DVD series.We spent some time live rolling too, and both got some good work in. Mitch has been getting deadly with his triangle attacks, so I had to pretty much resist 100% to give him some tougher practice.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Karate, 1/16/16

We did what I'm going to call "homeopathic" karate training today! The first principle of homeopathic medicine is similia similibus curentur ("let likes cure likes"). The oversimplified idea is that if a patient has a headache for example, the homeopathic doctor might give him something that causes headaches in healthy people to cure the headache of the patient.  Fascinating stuff!

Anyway, one of the troubles I've been having in my karate development has been slowness. Taking too long to initiate and/or complete a technique, or taking a long time to step from one stance to another. In my teacher's words, "like I'm dragging a heavy weight behind me".  Today, we warmed up doing our blocking series while holding 10 pound dumbbells in the blocking hand. Then, for about half the class, I was attached to a resistance band that was constantly pulling me backward! I had to step through kicks, punches, stance changes, etc. What a workout!  For the last part of the class, without the band on me, my teacher was well pleased with the quick improvement!  I may start doing that at home occasionally too.

I went through a few reps of heian nidan, and I need more work on my kime. I can't think of anything analogous to kime in aikido or judo - kake doesn't really need kime, usually.

Finally, we sparred for several rounds. We used karate gloves and mouthpieces so we could go a little harder today, and what fun it was!  I got popped in the eye a few times, kicked in the gut, but nothing bad.

A couple things to note: My teacher insists I'm probably really about green belt level in skill. That's great news to me, as I'd rather be a yellow belt with green belt skill than a green belt with orange belt skill. I might test for orange at the end of February. The other thing is my homework for the whole week; he says my biggest enemy is tension. Apparently I'm still really tense while doing a lot of kihon, kata, or kumite, or anything. I'm a pretty analytical guy, and to try to think "fast, relaxed, & powerful (not to mention "with correct technique")" it all just jumbles up and conflicts in my head. I think that's what's bogging me down. We'll see how things go this week.