Sunday, June 29, 2014

Checking In

Here's another one of those "I haven't blogged in a while" posts. I won't belabor my inactivity. Instead, I'll give a brief update on what I've been up to these last 6-9 months:

For several months I taught a small Aikido class at my home, as well as at my church. Sadly, scheduling was too much of a hassle for it to continue. I had a couple students who took it seriously and wanted to learn, and for their sake, I may start teaching again. There just aren't enough hours in the week!

I let my Concealed Carry Instructor cert expire with the State Police, but I renewed it and am able to teach the class again now.

I trained at a karate school near my house for several weeks, and was hopeful it was going to be what I am looking for in karate instruction... but I quit when we started the heavily "sportified" sparring.  I'm just not interested in competition/sport martial arts. My little girl is training at that school though, and I'm glad about that - at 6 years old, I'm not afraid sportified sparring will ruin her (and the rest of the instruction seems good).

I'm beginning to prep again! I'm really excited about that. Life gets in the way so much. I *plan* on blogging about that specifically (we'll see how it goes, no promises) over at

I'm planning on returning to training with my Aikido and Judo teacher next weekend! It's been too long!

My wife and I converted our spare bedroom into a home gym. We've been doing a modified "Stronglifts 5X5" workout consistently for 8 weeks now, every other day!  This is (sadly) the most consistent I've ever been with an exercise regimen, and I'm slowly but surely seeing results.

That's about it - I'm going to try to blog more, but I've said that before. Back on the horse....