Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Judo, 7/6/15

Last night our group worked mostly on yellow belt groundwork.

Hadake Jime - rear naked choke. I usually prefer the figure-four-ish, hand-behind-the-head version, but last night, the gable grip version was working better for me than it normally does.

Koshi jime - hip choke. Got it good and tight; hardly had to walk around to get the choke.

Escapes from kesa gatame and yoko shiho gatame - Head push, bridge and roll, shrimp, guard recovery.

Guard passes - thigh press, stack, separation/step back pass, and leg hug (my least favorite).

Turnovers - cross face, half nelson from the side, half nelson from the front. Our teacher emphasized that these weren't nuanced, technique-driven moves, but more like "imposing your will".

Sweeps - hip bump and scissor sweep. Emphasis on getting uke up on the knee more. It felt harder to me doing it that way. I've always had decent success doing the sweep with uke in front, rather than on top of me. I'll keep working with it.

Then the entire class worked on a juji gatame sweep from guard, as well as a pendulum sweep.

I rolled twice; the first time was with another white belt with a strong wrestling background. I couldn't do much with him, although I defended pretty well. I'm happy with survival right now! He got me in one arm bar, and I actually got one guard recovery from under his side mount, which is unusual for me.

The next time was with a yellow belt I normally give a lot of trouble, but this time he was determined not to get in my guard. His pressure was good, I was playing a lot of defense the whole time. I did catch him in a good wrist lock, but didn't finish it - I was using it more to control his hand to keep him from attacking with it. Saved my bacon.

I felt like maybe it wasn't my strongest night, rolling, but that's part of it. Ebb, flow, yin, yang, etc. Looking forward to tomorrow night!

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