Thursday, July 23, 2015

Judo, 7/22/15

Last night we drilled nothing but guard passes. We covered:
  • Thigh press guard pass
  • Separation / Step back guard pass
  • Stacking guard pass
  • Stack and flip guard pass
  • A few more variations I'm struggling to remember

Afterward we rolled a good bit. I went four rounds:

  1. Against a brown belt, roughly my size, I feel like I did well against him, at least positionally (I had some okay escapes, and maintained superior position for a while). I also remembered to play the choke threat / armbar and armbar threat choke game, but didn't get to pull it off (I would have tried for an armbar once, but another pair of folks was right behind us).
  2. A really smooth older black belt, that lets me into the game as well. I like rolling with him, but he gives me lots of trouble!
  3. A 275 lb short stocky yellow belt bulldozer. Once he gets on top of me it's over. I did almost pull off an armbar / triangle / spider guard defense, but only for a minute. It's ridiculous to even try to go against guys so much bigger than me at this point. Hopeless.
  4. A yellow belt closer to my size and skill. We always give each other a good challenge. He got an americana on me once, and I got a tee-pee triangle on him to end the night.
Lots of hard work!

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