Saturday, March 21, 2009

Judo, 3/21/09

Today Rob joined us (one of Pat's black belts). We started with the footsweep-to-control exercise, using deashi, kosotogari, and hiza garuma motions. Then we worked on a failed deashi barai, into a hiza garuma. This can happen if a) uke jerks his foot away from my deashi attempt, or b) if my bump is too enthusiastic and knocks him back further than I intended. Alternately, we looked at how a failed hiza can sometimes become a deashi if uke's foot stays in range.

For ground work, we worked on the legs-over escape from katagatame, and the spinout escape from side control and north/south. We also worked on the kimura and a straight armbar when your opponent is in your guard. Lastly, we did ground randori. I have been feeling like my "fuel efficiency" has been improving when rolling with my nephew, but during randori with Pat and Rob, I found I was back to sputtering out pretty quickly.

Our Judo time went over today, so we didn't get any aiki in this time.

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