Monday, December 1, 2008

Judo Training Log 12-1-08

10th Judo session. Determined to make up for missing class on Saturday, I planned to sneak out of work a little early to make the 4pm Judo class. Around 1:30, our entire network at the bank crashed, so I had to work on getting us operational again. Everything was resolved at 3:30, and I hit the road to get to class. I was only a little late.

Anyway, we worked on some basics with another new student, including deashi barai, uki gatame, and the ground mobility cycle. We played with some uke-driven groundwork Kyle Sloan wrote about on his blog. All that shrimping really reminded me how out-of-shape I've gotten. I was exhausted in no time! That'll give me a little more motivation for early morning exercise.

This was my first afternoon Judo class. I could really tell a difference between my 7am lessons, and a class right after a full day of work. I'm way better off in the morning!

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