Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday Quote

I thought I'd institute yet another weekly feature on the blog (in addition to Friday Night Videos): The Wednesday Quote! These will be martial art related quotes that I found motivating, or at least thought-provoking. Hope you do too!

Today's quote comes from a book I'm about halfway finished reading now: Dave Lowry's new book "The Karate Way (Discovering the Art of Practice)".

"We can scarcely imagine (martial) arts without their belt ranks. But what if we did? What would change, about the budo and about participation in them?"
"...ask yourself from time to time: What would I be doing if there were no ranks in my dojo? Would I train as hard? Would I be as content? Consider your karate not as a series of steps that are symbolized by a rainbow of belts. Think of it instead as a way of life, one that is going to continue, like other important parts of your life, whether the product can be measured or not."

1 comment:

  1. Good quote. I like Dave Lowry's writing.

    Without the ranks, you'd still learn the pecking order really quickly.