Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Study Group, 2/16/16

Today Mitch worked exclusively on his yellow belt throws (osoto, deashi, kosoto, and hiza). We were both really getting some good hiza gurumas today! I worked on all of those, plus all orange (ukigoshi, seoinage, sasae, and koshiguruma) and green belt (kouchi, ouchi, ogoshi, and taiotoshi) throws. That was a lot of throwing, so it was mainly a review, spending more time on the ones that felt wonky. Probably the wonkiest one for me today was ouchi, for some reason. Sometimes I nailed it, other times, it was a miserable failure, haha.

Today we actually went through lesson 1 (all 4 "slices") of the Gracie Combatives curriculum. We did the standard Trap and Roll, punch block variation, headlock variation, and open guard pass. Mitch hasn't seen the videos yet, but he will watch them before the next time we practice. Then we'll ad the Reflex Development Drill to the end of it.

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