Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Judo Six

10/18/08 - my sixth judo lesson. We went over the entire Ground Mobility Cycle including escapes. We covered the shoulder spike/knee lift turnover, shoulder push turnover, and the quarter nelson. Pat introduced the leg entanglement, uphill, and sit-up escapes from kesagatame. I'm still all thumbs with newaza.
Things for me to remember:
1) While learning transitions, work on getting hands in place first.

Next Pat introduced a new throw: Ukigoshi (floating hip throw). There are 3 entries into this throw:
a) same beginning as in osotogari, but tori bumps uke and reaches around to pull him (his feet) into the “T” position.
b) same beginning as in osotogari, but if uke does not step around into the ”T”, tori steps backward into the “T” and performs the throw.
c) when uke steps back, tori can move into the “T” position and execute the throw.
Things for me to remember:
1) Tori’s right hand can go around uke’s waist, shoulder, head, or trap his arm as he performs the throw.
2) when entering the throw on uke’s back step, tori really needs to jump into position at uke’s back leg to do the throw.

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