Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Judo #4

9/27/08 was my fourth judo lesson. We reviewed deashi barai, kosotogari, and Osotogari. The new throw for the week was hiza garuma (knee wheel). I'v heard about this being a tough throw to do, but I don't find it that much harder than the other stuff we've gone over at this point.
For randori, we explored the idea of 3-feet-on-a-line a bit more. Pat showed how there’s always an opportunity to bust uke when he steps back or forward. Something to remember for randori: stiff-arming your opponent may keep them from doing Judo to you, but it will definitely keep you from doing Judo to them.

We went over the following ground techniques: Shrimping, “2 hands on a point” exercise, and the “Bridge & Roll”.
Things for me to remember:
1) You can do small shrimps or jumbo shrimps depending on the need.
2) Be careful to keep your hand out of the way when rolling him off you – it could get jammed up.
3) Use your other hand on his head as sort of a lever.

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