Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Judo, 9/23/15

Wow, super tough class tonight. I didn't feel tip-top going into it in the first place. Anyway, we went over groundwork for our rank groups first. Most of the class was taken up with that. Then we played a game where one guy tried to pin, and the other guy tried not to let him. I know that sounds like normal Judo, but top guy couldn't get to his feet and couldn't attempt submissions. Pins only. Bottom guy couldn't sweep, he could only maintain guard and escape the pins. I started on bottom and pulled my large opponent into my guard. Once I get my feet locked, they stay locked (usually). That was the case here, and he spent the whole time trying to open my guard.

When it was my turn on top, I passed a few times, and always got my partner into turtle, but he's got a huge, stable base, and I couldn't turn him over very well. Oh well, practical self defense is my main concern, and in a self defense situation, there's no reason I'd want to turn a guy on his belly, over onto his back; I'm much safer with his back to me.

Next we did two rounds of standing-to-ground randori, and four rounds of ground-only randori! Brutal!  I don't remember much except my first throw was countered, and me and my brown belt opponent went to the ground pretty quickly. I did escape his side mount and recover guard once! Escaping side control is rare for me so I was pretty excited. I used a spin-out escape I saw on Marcelo Garcia's website. The next few rounds were all a blur. I went against the brown belt again, and did okay (I got a good mount "escape"....that is, a leg entanglement, from a bump/frame/shrimp I learned from Roy Dean's first DVD). The other rounds were against a couple of the heavier guys, so survival was my focus. Most of the time I succeeded! Most of my taps were to my lungs being crushed.

Everyone was spent by the end of class. Good workout! I'm getting better, just very, very slowly.

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