Saturday, June 20, 2009

Aikido, 6/20/09

As usual, we started with tegatana this morning. We talked about how the arms are not necessarily pushing - sometimes it's like you just fling them along the path they need to go and your body positions itself accordingly.

Next we did releases 1-8, focusing on 6 and 8. We looked at how 6 and 8 come nicely out of 2 or 4, *IF* I follow uke's force rather than fight against it. We played with Chain #2, and Pat demonstrated how release 6 and 8 are kind of "brackets" around all sorts of neat variations of shihonage.

Lasty, we had a good discussion about one of Pat's recent posts regarding otoshi and guruma, and how they tend to show up in Ju Nana and Owaza. I think I understand what he was saying better after his explanation today.

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