Saturday, January 23, 2010

Judo, 1/16/10

For this class we didn't both an aikido and judo lesson - we did all judo. We went through everything we've covered in the syllabus thus far, and wow: it's a lot of stuff (with way more to come)!

I won't burden you with the exhaustive list though. I seem to have lost the notes I took right after class, so I'll just touch on what sticks out in my mind.

For one thing, ukigoshi is still my least favorite throw - because it's the one I'm worst at. Pat commented that my brown belt throws are better than my green belt throws, which really shouldn't be, haha.

As far as ground work, I felt better about that stuff, and after reviewing everything, Pat helped me out with a tip for making my knee/elbow escape from the bottom easier. I gotta remember to move the top half of my body too! I've been neglecting that the whole time.

This class brought me to 50% of my class requirements for 3rd brown. Do I feel like I'm 50% ready to demo my current rank requirements? For some things, yes, for others no. I just use that as a rough guide anyway - Pat will have to be the judge of how ready I am at what time. In any case, it was a great class, as usual.

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  1. Ha! I remember your brown belt stuff looking better than _some_ of your green belt stuff that day...

    In particular, I think that day your ukigoshi and ouchigari were off.

    If these techniques don't seem to be meant to become your tokuiwaza, then don't stress over them, just keep practicing them some because they become the foundation of some later stuff.

    The way to work these anti-tokui techniques is to move toward what I call "sufficient proficiency" instead of working toward the "ippon ideal." You'll eventually find that you are at least sufficient at your anti-tokui, and every so often an amazing one might pop up.